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Types of Carpeting


If you're currently considering new carpeting, we don't have to tell you how complex the level of carpeting options can be. Selecting a carpet is much more complex than throwing down fabric onto your floor.

At Weyburn Carpet One Floor & Home, we'll enable you to make the most educated carpeting decisions. Carpeting's variety continues to evolve, making it challenging to find the right fit. Understanding the different forms of carpeting and how they function will help you achieve optimal results.


Carpet Fibre


Nylon is a popular synthetic pile that's incredibly durable. Nylon carpeting spans a wide range of options and is designed to last for many years.


Polyester is another synthetic pile with an appearance similar to nylon. An affordable nylon alternative, modern polyester is more durable than the products of yesteryear.


Olefin is a synthetic carpet pile usually seen in Berber-style products. Olefin carpeting is sturdy, easy to maintain, and perfect for commercial uses.


Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic that's particularly tough on stains. A cousin of nylon, triexta is great for pet owners.


Wool is the most popular type of natural pile. Warm and enduring wool carpets are colourful and resist mold, mildew, and moisture.


Types of Carpeting


One of the most significant factors in how a carpet feels underfoot is how the pile, or loops of fibre that make the bulk of the carpet, is cut and shaped. There are many piles, but they all fall into one of two categories: cut pile or loop pile.


Slicing through the loops of the pile exposes each fibre's ends. Cut piles are softer than their looped counterparts, but they'll also be more prone to staining, showing marks, and suffering from damage. When the pile loops are uncut, the carpet surface is supported by the strength of the fibre, which makes it sturdy and durable. Because no cutting is involved, looped piles are separated into two styles.  Level loops are all of one consistent height for an iron-clad defense against every type of expected damage. Multi-loop pile (also known as Berber pile) is woven into varying heights that cause it to be slightly softer with only a minimal loss in durability.


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