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Hardwood Flooring Guide in Weybrun, SK

Hardwood Flooring in Weyburn, SK

Hardwood flooring is always in style. Offering organic visuals and enduring value, hardwood flooring is carefully crafted to outlast its competitors. A brilliant addition to a wide range of interiors, hardwood flooring is considered the ultimate indoor enhancement.


At Weyburn Carpet One Floor & Home of Weyburn, SK, you'll encounter an expansive inventory spanning the leading solid and engineered hardwood products. We carry only the best hardwood flooring brands. We're proud to offer up sensible solutions for your flooring needs, including the latest in hardwood flooring.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles


Hardwood flooring is offered up in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and finishes. We offer up incredible hardwood products to suit every taste. There are hardwood options to grace all types of interiors, from rustic, wide planks to glossy, multi-colours.


Hardwood Flooring Species


Hardwood flooring can be made from a wide variety of tree species, both exotic and domestic. Among the more popular flooring options are domestic species such as oak, hickory, maple, or cherry. Each hardwood species offers its unique hardness and moisture-resistance level, with varying degrees of grain variations and hues.


Cork flooring has come into vogue lately for exceptionally good reasons. Here's a fun fact about cork: It comes from oak trees, but the oak trees are not cut down or damaged to harvest the cork. Rather, the cork is created from the bark harvested from Quercus suber oak trees. If you had the facilities to build your own cork, and patience, you could harvest your entire floor from a single tree by waiting for it to grow a new layer of bark. Cork is a durable, flexible, eco-friendly, affordable flooring material that can look homey or elegant, playful, or somber. It all depends on your style and how you use it.


What are the Differences between Solid & Engineered Hardwood?


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood look similar. However, these two distinct flooring families are built differently.





Hardwood Flooring Installation


Hardwood flooring should always be chosen carefully. It can be installed in a variety of interior settings, depending on which product you choose. Solid hardwood flooring fares its best in dry, quiet rooms that are set above grade. While not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, solid hardwood is perfect for a cozy bedroom or elegant living room. Engineered hardwoods offer greater versatility. Denser and more forgiving, engineered hardwood can manage a greater degree of humidity and moisture.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection 


Weyburn Carpet One Floor & Home is an independently owned and operated member of North America's best-loved flooring cooperative. Please visit us soon at 131 Second Street Northwest in Weyburn, SK, to browse our latest hardwood displays, or check out our selection online.

Hardwood Maintenance

Hardwood floors can last for decades if properly cared for and maintained. Discover how to keep your floors looking beautiful.
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Hardwood Maintenance