Cork Flooring

Information on the benefits of cork flooring.

What Are The Advantages Of Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring has come into vogue lately for a number of very good reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Texture and Appearance 

Perhaps the most noticeable quirk of cork flooring would be the unique texture of the material. The sandy grain of a plank of cork flooring is unlike any other flooring material out there, and any given plank of the material is unlike any other plank of cork in the world.


Cork is a material that is both soft and tough. The flexibility of the material makes it incredibly durable. This may be why you see cork flooring in many professional settings like kitchens and stores, where you're going to see someone drop a large can of tomatoes or a meat tenderizer onto the floor now and then. Where a more rigid hardwood might crack and chip and dent under impact, many objects will simply bounce right off of a cork floor.


Here's a fun fact about cork: It comes from oak trees, but the oak trees are not cut down or damaged in order to harvest the cork. Rather, the cork is created from the bark harvested from Quercus suber oak trees. If you had the facilities to build your own cork, and a lot of patience, you could harvest your entire floor from a single tree by waiting for it to grow a new layer of bark.

Cork is a durable, flexible, eco-friendly, affordable flooring material that can look homey or elegant, playful or somber. It all depends on your style and how you use it.

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